Applied Electronics

NBA Accredited Year

ME-Applied Electronics at IFET is a four semester master level programme which basically deals with the application aspect of programming paradigm and diverse computing environment/platform. This course primarily aims at developing manpower equipped/powered with technical intelligence/prudence committed to the development of software applications which drive diverse fields like business, manufacturing, energy etc. and boost its performance metrics. The course is designed in such a way to harness effectively the technical skills, abilities and acumen of the students to transform them to budding software engineers who develop tailor made/customized application/software that encourages multi-pronged approach. The highly experienced faculties are the pilot of this program who catalyse the teaching learning process in an effective manner by employing innovative teaching methods. Unstinting efforts have been invested to educate the students about the prevalent modern trends and technologies by delivering quality brain storming lectures that gives an insight to model robust solution for the lingering business problem. Hitherto, Quality is an integral and indispensable part of our program that is reassured by the promising track record of our department. We consistently motivate the students to take part in various technical events that helps them to widen their knowledge horizon and base. The students also involve themselves in developing mini project that assists them to appreciate the practical aspect of the application.