Anti Ragging

Anti Ragging Committee


Ragging is a criminal offense. Ragging is strictly prohibited by both State Govt. and Central Govt. Punishment for ragging will be as follows:
1. Imprisonment up to three years and fine of Rs.50,000/-
2. Dismissal from the college


  • To be vigilant at all hours around the campus and other vulnerable places to prevent incidents of ragging, empowered to inspect such areas.
  • To conduct surprise raids on hostels and other susceptible locations to curb potential ragging incidents.
  • To promptly investigate any reported ragging incidents referred by faculty, students, or guardians, submitting recommendations to the Head of the Institution for action.
  • To ensure the display of anti-ragging posters on Institution and Department Notice Boards as well as other prominent designated areas.
  • To offer counseling services and raise awareness among students regarding ragging issues.

Anti Ragging Committee Members:

S.NO Name Designation Position in the committee
1 Dr. G. Mahendran Principal Chairperson
2 Mr.K.Thirumalai Police Inspector Member
3 Mr.R.Ravikannan Revenue Member
4 Mr.P.Murthy Official of NGO Member
5 Mr.R.Manikkan Representatives of Parents Member
6 Mr.R.Rajasundaram Representatives of Parents Member
7 Dr. S. Mohamed Nizar Associate Professor Head Student-Affairs
8 Dr. M. Jebastin Sonia Jas Associate Professor Office Student-Affairs
9 Mr. S. Viswanathan Associate Professor Head/Placement
10 Dr. K. Santhanalakshmi Associate Professor HOD/S&H
11 Mr. Mo. Ramkumar Associate Professor ASP/CSE
12 Dr. B. Elamvazhudi Associate Professor ASP/MECH
13 Mrs. S. Jayalakshmi Associate Professor ASP/ECE
14 Mr.P.Ganesan Member ADMIN

Complaints regarding ragging can be brought to the notice of the following faculty members who will assist the above team in preventing ragging.

SI.No Name Position Designation
1 Mr. T. Rampradesh Member HOD/EEE
2 Dr. P. Kanimozhi Member HOD/CSE
3 Dr. M. Margarat Member HOD/ECE
4 Mr. V. Velmurugan Member HOD/MECH
5 Ms. N. Porkodi Member HOD/CIVIL
6 Mrs. S. Jayachitra Member HOD/IT
7 Dr. K. Bhuvaneswari Member HOD/MBA
8 Mrs. P. Hemalatha Member HOD/AI&DS
9 Mrs. S. Usharani Member HOD/AI&ML
10 Mr. K. Sagadevan Member ASP / ECE
11 Mrs. K. Elavarasi Member ASP / IT
12 Mr. A. Balachandar Member AP / CSE
13 Mrs. P. Manju Bala Member ASP / CSE
14 Mr. D. Prabakaran Member ASP / ECE
15 Mrs. R. Suganya Member SAP / EEE
16 Mr. S. Sivanatham Member AP / EEE
17 Mr. C. Manimaran Member ASP / MECH
18 Mr. S. Vinod Raj Member ASP / MECH
19 Mr. B. Rajagobalan Member ASP / S&H
20 Dr. M. Murugan Member ASP / S&H
21 Mr. Md. Shapique Member ASP / S&H
22 Dr. D. Devi Member ASP / S&H
23 Mr. J. Nimmathidhasan Member Student
24 Ms. S. Priyadarshini Member Student
25 Ms. D. Abinaya Member Student
26 Mr. S. Chozhavendhan Member Student
27 Mr. V. Rajasekar Member Student
28 Ms. K. Shanmugapriya Member Student
29 Mr. P. Arunkumar Member Student
30 Ms. M. Sathya Member Student
31 Mr. K. Devanathan Member Student
32 Ms. B. Lavanya Member Student