Literature Club

Literature Club

The Literary Club of IFETCE functions with the aim of nurturing the imaginative capacities of students by encouraging them to freely express their ideas through various literary forms. The activities of this club are carefully planned to enhance the creative output of the students. As a preliminary step, a committee is formed, and student members are enrolled, irrespective of their disciplines. Each member is provided with a platform to express their literary ideas and their passion for literary activities. The club provides a competitive platform for students, promising to foster a passion for quizzing, debating, creative writing, literature, miming, elocution, and more among them.

Vision & Mission


To establish a vibrant hub of creativity and expression dedicated to fostering a love for literature among the students of the college.


  • To provide a platform for enthusiasts to explore their talents, share their passions and engage in a wide range of literary activities.
  • To offer welcoming space for students with penchant for literature to express themselves, connect with like-minded individuals and to celebrate the beauty of literature and power of words


Tamil Sangam

Literature Club


1 2022 2022 - List of Students Placed
2 2021 2021 - List of Students Placed
3 2020 87% 2020 - List of Students Placed
4 2019 87%
5 2018 93.9%
6 2017 93.6%