IFET Engineering College

R&D Funded Project Cell

R & D Head

Dr.A.John Dhanaseely

Research and Development incorporates a special significance with the exception of its conventional coupling of research project and technological development. The role of R & D Division of the college is to enhance research and Development activities to enable IFET college of Engineering to become a renowned Intellectual corporation fostering excellent research, development, sponsored projects, consultancy, continuing education and industry Institute Interaction in addition to wonderful teaching.

The R & D division motivates the faculty members and Students to carry out research work in areas of their interest, generate project proposals to seek grants from various funding agencies, establish Centers of Excellence in the college. At IFET Engineering College, these are done to motivate the students and the faculty of the Institution, to update the knowledge which leads to further investigation and progress and to give a hand to the industries in their product development. All disciplines of the college are actively engaged on Research, Development and Consultancy activities. The R & D cell of this college has been active in registering for patents, copyrights, publications in conferences, organizing conferences, seminars and workshops.

The management, knowing the importance of R&D has been magnanimous to sanction necessary funds for establishment of Laboratories with Lab equipment towards Research and Development. The R & D cell is very active in encouraging registration of patents as one of the IPR activities.

R & D Funded Project Cell Objectives

• Promote R&D programme in newly emerging challenges in science, technology and engineering.
• Enhancement of knowledge, capability and a global recognition to institution.
•Application of qualitative as well as quantitative Research technique to enhance knowledge, capability of students and faculty in relatively unexposed area.
• Up gradation of workshop and laboratory through MODROB proposals of AICTE, MHRD.
•To develop research proposal for funding from DST /MNRE/AICTE/MHRD.
•To organize seminar/Conference/workshop in the relevant area of science & engineering.
•To assist the students to apply funding for conducting research under student project scheme to various funding agencies like TNSCST, IEI (I), DRDO, etc.;
•To assist for applying and getting funds for conducting Seminar/Workshop/FDP from various available funding agencies;
•To facilitate the growth of research activity among the activity, including developing mechanisms and targets to achieve this;
•To develop and coordinate strategies for maximizing the faculty's success in gaining external research funding;
•To maintain and disseminate current information about relevant research policy areas and initiatives in government, in the professions and in relevant industries, including external funding opportunities;
•To develop strategies to foster research collaborations within the faculty, across faculty and institutes, and with agencies outside the college;
•To work with various departments to establish and develop faculty research priorities on interdisciplinary areas.
•To interact with industry, government, professions and the wider community on all research matters promote faculty research activities to external stakeholders

Short Term Goals

•Promotion of R&D Activities in of science and technology with special emphasis on emerging domain.
•Motivate faculty and students to participate in Seminar/Conference/Workshop and further share their knowledge, experience with faculty and students and submission of proposals to R&D cell.
•To motivate faculty and students to present/publish/Research paper in reputed national & international journals and submit a copy to R& D SECTION IN LIBRARY.
•To start research programme in science & engineering, this is funded by national &international research bodies.
•MOTIVATE faculty and students to design and fabricate and implement viable functional projects for the benefit of institution and country. The institution should provide the sufficient level of financial support & facilities as per the progress.
•Publish journal of science & engineering with ISBN No.

Long Term Goals Term Goals

•Establishing centre of excellence for all departments as per their relevant research areas.
•Establishing renewable energy park in collaboration with MNRE.
•Initiating process of establishing research centre in science &technology domain.
•Initiating a culture or movement that research & academics are complementary to each other. Both are needed for upgrading the standard of education in our country.

R&D Initiatives

Initiatives for Students

• Students are encouraged to participate in workshops, seminars, paper presentation and project competitions.
•They are motivated to undertake both in house and industry based projects.
•Guest lectures, workshops and industrial visits are regularly arranged to focus on thrust areas.
•Financial assistance is provided for publishing the paper in a peer reviewed journal.
•Students are encouraged to submit research proposal under student project scheme to external funding agencies on the topic of their project work.
•Financial assistance is provided for the Student projects also, based on the Merit.
•"Cash awards" are being provided for best projects.
•Internal funding is being provided to faculty and students up to Rs. 1 lakh year, depending upon the worth of the proposal.

Initiatives for Faculty

•Cash Awards are being provided for Research Publication for faculty members in all reputed journals.
•Financial assistance is being provided for conducting Internal /External Symposia, Internal/External Conferences to initiative the students and faculty members to involve themselves.
•Faculty members are sponsored for pursuing higher studies.
•Incentives for publishing papers in refereed impact factor journals.
•Incentive to faculty for receiving research grant from external funding agencies of Govt. of India.
•Faculty members are encouraged for interacting with the outside world such as chairing technical Session/invitation as keynote speaker in National/International Conferences, Seminar, Workshop and Guest lecture.
•Financial assistance is provided for the Student projects also, based on the Merit.
•Management extends full supports for the fund required for procuring facilities to do the research.


S.No Name Of The Programme Principal Coordinator Department Funding
Amount Year
1 Internet of Things for Effective Disaster Management Dr.S.Matilda
Mrs.P. Manju Bala

CSE ISRO 25,000 2017
2 Number Theory Concepts in Digital Signature (Cryptography) Dr.S.Matilda

CSE CSIR 20,000 2017
3 Smart Agricultural products Dissemination: Multi ?Disciplinary Approaches using Image Processing, IoT and Big Data Dr.S.Matilda
Mrs.S.Umadevi @ Yasodhei
N.Senthamarai Selvi

CSE ISRO 30,000 2017
4 Cryptanalysis Dr.S.Matilda
Mr. B.Akoramurthi
CSE CSIR 20,000 2017
5 Machine Learning Techniques for Medical Image Applications Dr.S.Matilda
Mrs. J.Jayachitra
IT ICMR 40,000 2017
6 BIG DATA Analytics for Health Care Applications Dr.B.Elizabeth Caroline
Mr.K.Suresh kumar
Mr.V.Kishore kumar
ECE ICMR 40,000 2017
7 Optimization techniques and Simulink modeling using MATLAB Mrs.S.Jayalakshmy
ECE ISTE 5,000 2017
8 Challenges and new trends in membrane technology - 2017 Dr. A.Thanigavelan
Mrs. K. Santhana Lakshmi
Mrs. P.Jacquline Rosy
MECH & H&S SERB 75,000 2017
9 Smart Materials and its Applications Dr.G. Kannan
Mrs. A. Dhanalakshmi
MECH & H&S DRDO 60,000 2017
10 Mathematics of Machine Learning Dr.S.Matilda
Mr. T. Souprananien
Mr. A. Mohamed Shapique
H&S CSIR 25,000 2017
11 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp Prof.J.Asha
ECE & MBA EAC 80,000 2017
12 Microsoft Azure - Research Perspective Dr.S.Matilda
Mrs.S.Umadevi @ Yasodhei
CSE AICTE 1,00,000 2017
13 Nanotechnology for energy and Agriculture Sectors Dr.G.Kannan
MECH AICTE 6,45,600 2017
14 Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence Scheme (MODROBS) Dr.B.Elizabeth Caroline
ECE AICTE 13,85,000 2017
15 Eco-Friendly Water Defluoridaton Dr.K.Margandan
M.Jebastin Sonia Jas
H&S SERB 50,000 2017
16 Cost Effective Micro Grid Solar Power Generation System Mr.P.Nammalvar
EEE UGC 2.75,000 2016
17 DST INSPIRE Dr.G.Kannan
MECH DST 9,75,000 2016
18 Asset Mapping Under Epris By Academia Mr.S.Viswanathan
MBA ISRO 96,000 2016
19 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp Prof.J.Asha

ECE EAC 20,000 2016
20 Internet Of Things (IoT) -Early Warning System
Mrs.L.Mary Shymala

CSE ISRO 25,000 2016
21 Wireless sensor in Smart City Dr.S.Matilda

CSE SERB 50,000 2016
22 Preservation Of Red Chilli By Electron Irradiation Using Microtron Mr.P.Manivannan

H&S BRNS 8,28,025 2014
23 Power System Operation And Control Dr.A.Subramanian

EEE Anna University 60,000 2014
24 Engineering Mechanics Mr.V.Velmurugan
MECH Anna University 60,000 2014
25 Entrepreneurship Development Cell Prof. J. Asha
ECE AICTE 6,60,000 2013
26 Advance Technique In The Utilization Of Renewable EnergyAdvance Technique In The Utilization Of Renewable Energy Ms.M.Jeevarani
H&S AICTE 60,000 2011
27 Environmental Pollution Dr.S.S.Jayachandran

MECH AICTE 30,000 2011
28 Statistical Process Control Dr.S.S.Jayachandran

MECH AICTE 30,000 2010
29 A Flexible Wireless Sensor For Military Ms.S.Nirmala
CSE DRDO 25,000 2010
30 Alternate Fuels-Challenges Ahead Mr.Magimai Raj
H&S DRDO 30,000 2010
31 A Flexible Wireless Sensor For Military Ms.S.Nirmala
CSE DRDO 25,000 2010
32 Alternate Fuels-Challenges Ahead Mr.Magimai Raj
EEE DRDO 30,000 2010
33 Post Harvest processing of Agriculture Product using Solar Energy and Bio Mass Solar Dryer Dr.S.Matilda
Mr. J.Hussain
CSE TNSCST 40,000 2009
34 Modernization Of Strength Of Materials Laboratory Mr.Jayasankar
MECH AICTE 15,00,000 2009
35 Grid Computing Mrs.S.Nirmala
CSE CSIR 10,000 2009

Research Proposals Submitted

(From 2016 onwards)

S.No Funding Agency Research Proposal Seminar/Conf/Workshop Amount
(in lakhs.)
1 CSIR - 7 18.26
2 DRDO 5 7 89.623
3 DST 8 - 178.03
4 ICMR 4 5 98.25
5 ISRO 5 9 128.15
6 ICAR 2 - 24.23
7 MNRE 3 - 69.44
8 MOEF 2 3 96.12
9 SERB 12 6 120.26
Total: 8,22,36300

Students Project

S.NO Title Research Agency Name of the Investigators DepartmentYear Sanctioned Amount
1 Automatic black board Cleaner using the remote Control (EME-016) TNSCST
Mr.V.Vetriselvan,ASP/Mech Mech 2017-2018 Rs. 8000
2 Prevention of bird strikes on Flying Machine (EEE-010) TNSCST
Dr.P.Pugazhendiran,Prof/EEE EEE 2017-2018 Rs. 10,000
3 Multiprocess farming Implementation (AS-006) TNSCST
Mr.V.Velumurugan,ASP/Mech Mech 2017-2018 Rs. 9000
4 Swachh Shithouse (CSE-044) TNSCST
Mrs.K.Elavarasi,SAP IT 2017-2018 Rs. 6300
5 Prevention of bird strikes on Flying Machine (EEE-010) TNSCST
Ms.P.Arthi,AP EEE 2017-2018 Rs. 4500
6 Feasibility study on bacteria Performance in Geopolymer Concrete TNSCST
Mr.L.Gopinath AP Civil 2016-2017 Rs. 10,000
7 Intelligent Smart Helmet to reduce fatal road accidents TNSCST
Mr.R.Vignesh AP EEE 2016-2017 Rs.10,000
8 Android App for Preserving Food From Wastage TNSCST
Dr.U.Palani,ASP ECE 2016-2017 Rs.10,000
9 Android App for Preserving Food From Wastage TNSCST
Mr.S.Giridharan,AP IT 2016-2017 Rs.10,000
10 Tracking of Missing Aero plane under Ocean TNSCST
Mr.D.Prabakaran,ASP ECE 2016-2017 Rs.10,000
11 Automated Systems for Air Pollution Detection and Control in Vehicles TNSCST
Ms.E.Senthamil Paavai,AP ECE 2016-2017 Rs.10,000
12 A Smart Helmet for Safety of Workers in Mining Industry TNSCST
Mr.A.Sagaya Selvaraj,ASP ECE 2016-2017 Rs.10,000

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