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About Department

The department of humanities and science plays a unique and distinctive role in an our college, where the ethos of science and technology prevails. It provides uncompromising standards of excellence and provides the basic strata required for an engineer. The department provides theoretical - practical thrust with a holistic understanding coupled with reality along with sustainable development.


our moto

The Premier H & S branch provides the perfect ground and flexibility for student who wish to go into other streams.

Faculty List

1. Dr.A.Mukunthan
2. Dr.V.Krishnasamy
3. Dr.R.Suresh
4. Dr.R.Arumugam
5. Dr.M.Radha Madhavi
Associate Professor
6. Dr. D. Devi
7. Mrs. K. Santhana Lakshmi,(P.hD)
8. Mrs.U.Chitra
9. Mr. P. Manivannan,(Ph.D)
10. Mr. M. Murugan,(Ph.D)
11. Mrs. P.Jacquline Rosy,(Ph.D)
12. Mr. S.Muthukumar,(Ph.D)
13. Mrs.P. Kalpana(Ph.D)
14. Mrs. A. Dhanalakshmi,(Ph.D)
15. Mr. A. Vaithiyanathan,(Ph.D)
16. Mrs. A. Asha Banu,(Ph.D)
17. Mr. A. Mohammed Shapique,(Ph.D)
18. Mr.T. Soupramanien ,(Ph.D)
19. Ms. K. Reena Priya,(Ph.D)
20. Mrs.D.Kavitha,(Ph.D)
Sr.Assistant Professor
21. Dr.S.Prabu
22. Mrs. R. Siva Sankari
23. Mrs. K. Lawrence Mary
24. Mr. R. Sakthi Muguran
25 Mrs. K. Kayalvizhi(P.hD)
26 Mr.B.Rajagobalan(P.hD)
27. Mrs. M. Jebastin Sonia Jas (P.hD)
28. Mrs. K. Sivaranjani,(Ph.D)
29. Mr. C. Jesuraj
30. Mrs. A. Anbukkarasi
31. Mr. P. Danesh
32. Ms. A. Valli
33. Mr. J. Gerard Rozario
34. Mrs. E. Mathivadhana
35. Mrs. P. Menakapriya,(Ph.D)
Assistant Professor
36. Dr.K.Venkatesan
37. Dr. K.Margandan
38. Dr.S.Balamurugan
39. Ms.R.Dhivya
40. Mr.M.Anandhakumar
41. Mr. V.Sathish Kumar
42. Ms.N.Ramya
43. Ms.X.Monisha
44. Ms.B.Kanchana
45. Ms.B.Krishna Veni
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